Should I Get A Divorce?

Divorce is something that you should avoid at all costs. The grass is not always greener. Your kids will suffer no matter how well you think you've worked it out, your friends will suffer, and your family will suffer. Most of all, you will suffer in ways you never thought - even if you're the one pushing for it. It is a tragedy on par with a death in the family.

Here are the things no one ever tells you about divorce. 

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How I Learned Humility From a Member of the A-Team

One of the coolest jobs I’ve held was as a writer for an Xbox football game. It was a shitload of work, but I was able to write a ton of words in a minimal amount of time, make football my life and work in Hollywood auditioning and directing actors in the studio. Pretty cool. Like any other job there were parts that sucked, but that’s another story for another time. This story is about learning humility from a member of “The A-Team.” Yes, that A-Team.

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Here's What Happens When Santa Doesn't Deliver

I was trying to teach him a life lesson. How many parenting fails have started out like that? Most? Boy #1 is a pretty easy kid. He’s always in a good mood, up for anything, does what he's told (most of the time), loves people, and is a joy to be around. A couple of years ago he asked Santa for a Nintendo DS and was really hoping the fat man would deliver on Christmas morning.

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