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The Dark Side of Writing and a Creative Life

As a writer, you’ve felt fear, rejection, insecurity, lack of follow-through, procrastination, and resistance. Each one hits like a truck, trying to ruin your creative dreams. They’re in your way every day and are all members of a soul-crushing group that I refer to as “the dark side” of creativity. The worst aspect of the dark side is that you feel alone as you battle. You’re not alone … we all fight the fight.

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How I Learned Humility From a Member of the A-Team

One of the coolest jobs I’ve held was as a writer for an Xbox football game. It was a shitload of work, but I was able to write a ton of words in a minimal amount of time, make football my life and work in Hollywood auditioning and directing actors in the studio. Pretty cool. Like any other job there were parts that sucked, but that’s another story for another time. This story is about learning humility from a member of “The A-Team.” Yes, that A-Team.

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The Day I Interviewed Ralph Malph

In what seems like forever ago, and it may be, I hosted a talk show with my buddy Phil. We were lucky enough to interview one of our TV idols from the 80’s: Ralph Malph from Happy Days. Better known to his family as Donny Most —actually I think he goes by Don now. While some will say, "So ... ?" You have to remember, when someone was that big during your childhood, it's a big deal. Bigger than almost any other celebrity not named Bill Murray.

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