9/11 Tribute: The Smartest Person I've Ever Met

For a guy who was probably closer to being a Sweathog than ever being on the dean’s list, I’ve been around some insanely smart people. Not like the kid in your middle school who carried a briefcase, but world-changing smart. I’ve seen Bill Gates give talks at Microsoft, along with Steve Ballmer, CEO’s, tech Gods, and I even helped stream Steve Job’s keynote in 2001. But only one guy left my mouth hanging wide open. 

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8 Laws Santa Shamelessly Breaks Every Year

While Santa is universally loved, he’s gotten sloppy over the past few years. It’s time to look at the big picture and tally up the damage he does each Christmas Eve as he goes about his business, largely unchecked.

Here are eight laws Mr. Kringle brazenly flaunts each year—it’s time to call him out!

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HumorCraig Playstead
The Dark Side of Writing and a Creative Life

As a writer, you’ve felt fear, rejection, insecurity, lack of follow-through, procrastination, and resistance. Each one hits like a truck, trying to ruin your creative dreams. They’re in your way every day and are all members of a soul-crushing group that I refer to as “the dark side” of creativity. The worst aspect of the dark side is that you feel alone as you battle. You’re not alone … we all fight the fight.

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