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8 Laws Santa Shamelessly Breaks Every Year

While Santa is universally loved, he’s gotten sloppy over the past few years. It’s time to look at the big picture and tally up the damage he does each Christmas Eve as he goes about his business, largely unchecked.

Here are eight laws Mr. Kringle brazenly flaunts each year—it’s time to call him out!

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HumorCraig Playstead
Here's What Happens When Santa Doesn't Deliver

I was trying to teach him a life lesson. How many parenting fails have started out like that? Most? Boy #1 is a pretty easy kid. He’s always in a good mood, up for anything, does what he's told (most of the time), loves people, and is a joy to be around. A couple of years ago he asked Santa for a Nintendo DS and was really hoping the fat man would deliver on Christmas morning.

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