Of course I’ll help you with your content

I’ve created content on every platform imaginable, and the one thing they all share is that you have to connect with your reader/customer. It's not up for debate. It’s something I’ve always focused on whether I was writing a story that’ll be read by ten million people or writing copy for a million dollar mobile app.

If you're not speaking to what your reader or customer cares about, it doesn’t matter what else you do. 

speaking to business owners about optimizing content

speaking to business owners about optimizing content

Whether you need a small nudge on your writing approach, writing copy that connects with your customers or a full-blown content strategy for your small business, my decades of experience and results will jumpstart your business. I've helped small businesses, writers, and Fortune 500 companies exceed their goals ... and have a good time while doing it.

I can help with:

  • Writing for a global audience

  • Writing for multiple form factors including video scripts, web, and interaction flows. 

  • Creative writing across web, social, events, relationship marketing and video

  • Content strategy consulting

  • Creating witty, compelling copy in a deadline-driven environment

  • Analyze and respond to testing metrics and performance data to define or adjust the direction of writing and content

Freelance writing


I’ve created content on every platform imaginable and the one thing they all share is a connection with the reader/customer. That’s not negotiable.

Whether I was writing a story that’ll be read by ten million people (like this one) or writing  for a billion-dollar brand, you have to make people care. 


Content Strategy


Create the right content for your customer that brings in the most impactful results.

As a content leader and strategist, I’ve created two content teams and strategy from the ground up in a Fortune 11 company serving millions of customers while exceeding KPI and revenue goals. I've also coached writers and editors, which I love doing.



No one ever complained that you made something too easy to understand.

I make complex things easy for your customers to understand.
Clear, concise, and clean copy is a must-- regardless of your industry. Once you've done then make it sing with witty and even funny messages to really connect with your customers.

Career highlights

  • Created concept, package and wrote the feature story, which brought in over 38.2 million PV’s and nationwide media coverage for MSN. Twice.

  • Increased pages per user 245% on next generation mobile platforms after overhauling editorial, merchandising and publishing strategy at AT&T.

  • Content lead and writer for an Xbox game that went on to sell over 1 million copies. My creative work was featured in the Seattle Times (read it here).

  • Built two editorial teams from the ground up within a Fortune 5 company that beat KPI's and revenue year over year.

  • Singled out for exclusive, high-potential leadership program while at AT&T Entertainment.

I live in a suburb of a suburb of Seattle.  Ah yes, Seattle--where people are special kind of bill-breaking pretentious.  Even though they rarely shower. 

Studied writing at the University of Washington and Second City - Chicago.

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