You know You're 40 When ...


Turning 40 isn't like turning 30. You have to admit to yourself that you've made it to the top of the mountain and it's time to start your trek down. That doesn't mean the hike down won't be fantastic, but it's a hike down nonetheless.

You know you're 40 when:

1. You start getting Tommy Bahama shirts as gifts.

2. You dribble more in the toilet that you do on the basketball court.

3. The moms are hotter than the daughters.

4. You scoff at the idea of an afternoon cocktail.

5. Someone makes a comment about "your generation."

6. You've convinced yourself that gray hair makes you look distinguished.

7. You think about food more than sex.

8. No one asks you to help them move anymore.

9. You don't drink coffee in the afternoon.

10. You've convinced yourself that the 80's were the "good old days" even though you spent the entire decade dateless, watching Benson and trying to feather your hair perfectly.

Photo by Milton Heard via Creative Commons