Insider Writing Tips from Two New York Times Bestselling Authors (Video)

Raise your hand if you ever wanted to know how a New York Times bestselling author goes through their day? Me too. If you only knew their writing tips, the creative process and how the insane world of publishing worked your novel would change the world. I get it. I've been there. I swear you'll get more out of this hour-long chat between Neil Strauss and Tim Ferriss, two of the most interesting and successful writers today than you will in a full year of college. Guaranteed. I have read (and bought) everything Tim has written and love Neil's work as well -- especially The Dirt and Emergency  -- everyone should read the latter for their own safety and understanding of what happens in a natural disaster. Both are also masters of time management, productivity and cranking out bestselling books. They teach, you take notes.

You can thank me later.


Best selling authors Neil Strauss and Tim Ferriss share writing tips that will change your approach.

(photo by Karen Horton courtesy of Creative Commons)