Never Wake Up Tired Again

You can't sleep, and that sucks. This will help. I have a long, half-written post about how author and human guinea pig Tim Ferriss can help you get in better shape in your 40's than you were in your 20's. His body hacks and tips are easy, scientifically sound and work. First, I thought I'd pass on his great tip about how to wake up in the morning and not feel exhausted.

Tim claims that many people wake up tired every morning  not because they didn't get enough sleep, but because their blood sugar is all out of whack. It's why you can sleep eight hours and still feel like shit.

The trick to waking up refreshed, or waking up after 4 hours and making it feel like you slept for eight is to eat a small snack right before you go to sleep. Tim recommends two tablespoons of raw almond butter (which I can't live without) to do the trick. That small amount of low-glycemic index food will help stabilize your blood sugar during your evening fast while you're sawing logs and dreaming of supermodels.

I've been told this works for people who are lucky enough to have the occasional sleep hallucinations. Like me. Waking up in the middle of the night and thinking you're seeing a wolf standing on the wall is not fun. I've experimented with almond butter before bed for this as well and it seems to work. Again, looks like it might be a blood sugar issue.

Give it a shot, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Anything to help give you an edge out in the world.


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