How to Win an Argument

Most disagreements we have are with people you can't reason with. They're either coming from a place of insecurity, defensive, dealing with their own stuff or are scared to death. Right and wrong don't exist. 1+1 does not equal 2, the world is not round and Bill Murray is not the funniest actor in history. It's not only confusing, it will drive you crazy if you let it. The funny thing is that we're all guilty of it at one time or another. When was the last time you changed someone's mind during an argument? Can't remember, can you? Probably because it's never happened. You may have worn them down, but they didn't agree with you. You just drove them further away from trusting you.

Next time you're on the cusp of an argument, listen instead of talking. Look at it from their side and think about what they're really trying to say. Then walk away and approach it a different way tomorrow. This is the only way to win an argument.

I write this because it's less about me telling you as much as it's about me reminding myself.

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