The Sexiest Women Over 40

Who would have thought that writing a fun article like the "Sexiest Women Over 40" would have given me a taste of what political journalists go through? First a little back story. A couple of years ago before I left MSN as an editor, I wrote and put together a package called, "The Sexiest Women Over 35." It was a huge hit with over 30 million page views. It was in response to all those other "hot chick" lists that we see all the time. My problem was that while most of the women on those lists may have been hot, they were also uninteresting, not very talented, and not "sexy."

See, you can be hot or even cute, but not be sexy. Sexy is an attitude, it's how you handle yourself, and it's also how you look. You are your own person, you do things your way -- the whole package. I didn't see many women on those lists with the whole package so I chose to (w)right a wrong (although pouring over images of women all day wasn't half bad either).

Part two of that list was on MSN last week and it exploded with tens of millions of readers. Again, it wasn't the "hottest" it was the "sexiest." All the women on the list were accomplished at their craft, some multi-talented, but all put themselves out there and just have something about them. I even put Sarah Palin on the list ... and that's when the e-mails really came pouring in. You can see what I wrote and judge for yourself. The far left didn't like that I included her and the far right didn't like my comment about the Katie Couric interview. So I managed to piss everyone off, which is pretty much par for the course for me. Plus, anyone who knows me or my writing knows that I never turn down the opportunity for a joke. Man, we need to get our sense of humor back. I'm not David Gergen, nor would I ever want to be ... I hate wearing a tie and shaving every day.