50 Rules Every Man Should Live By

1. Always think of your legacy (Hint: it has nothing to do with meetings). 2. Call bullshit when necessary. And call it more often.

3. No brown liquor at office parties.


4. Make sure your shoes are always darker than your pants.

5. Always look at your buddy's girlfriend/wife as a sister. She can be a good looking sister, but still a sister.

6. Spend money on shoes and coats. Not shirts and jeans.

7. Never badmouth your wife.

8. Have a passion. And if you find yourself without one -- quit everything you're doing and start over.

9. Never abandon your favorite bands ... even when people laugh. And they will  laugh.

10. Always live with integrity.

11. Never stop lifting weights.

12. Take care of your responsibilities.

13. Know when to leave.

14. If a rock star tells you to look out for a cocktail, then by all means -- watch yourself.

15. Call your mom.

16. When cultivating your personal style, always go classic over trendy.

17. If you must go trendy -- make it a small part of your wardrobe. Like glasses or a shirt.

18. Don't ever abandon your team. Unless they're ripped from your city. Then it's war.

19. Defend your beliefs. Fight if you must.

20. Never lose touch with your buddies. A guy without friends is lost.

21. Read #20 again.

22. If you don't have "buddies" (they're not the same as friends), start developing those friendships now. Most are outlasting marriages at this point.

23. Always catch your favorite band while they're in town.

24. And buy a concert t-shirt.

25. Raise your kids to be better than you.

26. Teach them to survive in a world that has: Jersey Shore, Internet stalkers and cell phone cameras.

27. When in doubt, always be over-dressed instead of under-dressed.

28. Always have an answer for this question: If you played baseball, what song would they play over the PA when you came to bat?

29. Love your wife.

30. Coach your kids teams. Boys and girls.

31. Have a great pair of boots.

32. Always have a go-to shirt when you need to look good.

33. Have a killer look for these occasions: a concert, a wedding, a dinner party, drinks with friends and the Guys Weekend.

34. Always know what's expected of you.

35. Never let someone belittle you. Dig in and defend yourself.

36. Blackball the husband of one of your wife's friends - he has it coming.

37. Always own a dog.

38. Never let another adult badmouth your kid.

39. Think for yourself.

40. Make sure your family is taken care of in case the worst happens.

41. For God's sake, groom yourself.

42. When doing a job, do it well - no matter how small or insignificant you think it is.

43. Know how and when to use "there", "they're" and "their."

44. Teach your kids how to defend themselves. Both verbally and physically.

45. Treat admins, IT guys, and your barista and mechanic like gold.

46. Never wear a rented tux over the age of 35.

47. Khakis are appropriate for almost any situation. Unless it's a metal concert with the guys.

48. Know how to throw a punch. Hard.

49. Mow your own lawn.

50. Never miss an opportunity to throw the ball with your kids ... no matter how tired you are. You'll never regret it.

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