image by Woodleywonderworks
image by Woodleywonderworks

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You can find the checklist for the tools I use to create content for billion dollar brands and freelance work of mine here:

Content Tools I Use to Create for the World’s Biggest Brands

Also, here are a few pieces to get started with. Thanks again.


Why No One Understands You

Some of us make it very hard for people to understand us, while others are much better at it. Here's how to make it easier for people to understand you, whether it's in person or you're writing.

Learn How to Write a Joke from Jerry Seinfeld

Learn how the "master of his domain" writes a joke. You'll never guess how long this one took him.

The 16 Most Painful (and honest) Writing Tips Ever

Brutally honest writing tips from the masters such as Hemingway, David Foster Wallace and Lisa Simpson.

5 Things Louis C.K. Can Teach You About Writing and Creating

I’ve combed through his acts and various interviews and found five gems straight from his foul mouth that’ll help your writing and creating. Consider it a master’s class.

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