17 Breaking Bad References Hidden in Better Call Saul

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by AMC ⋅ Posted on February 8, 2016 at 3:18PM

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“You don't want a criminal lawyer; you want a 'criminal' lawyer.”

Those words spoken by Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad were used to describe Saul Goodman, or Jimmy McGill as we currently know him in Better Call Saul. Now, with season two returning Feb 15, we're anxiously awaiting to see how Jimmy McGill earned that stellar reputation that Pinkman knew all too well.

When Better Call Saul burst on the scene in season one, fans of Breaking Bad were curious what connections the new show would have with the original, one of the best in TV history. They were pleasantly surprised to find that co-showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould strategically used those connections to elevate the storytelling, and make it fun for the fans. Critics and viewers alike loved the show, with it scoring seven Emmy nominations including Best Dramatic Series.

When looking at the crossover “Easter eggs” and characters that have really moved the story forward, the story of Saul's relationship with Mike appears to be the biggest and the most important in terms of storytelling. Season two could reveal how Mike elevates his status from a hired hand in season one to becoming the right-hand man for drug lord, Gus (and owner of Albuquerque's best fast food restaurant, Los Pollos Hermano).

Will it be a series of events where Mike shows his skills or one big moment? Mike is so intriguing because he's “morally flexible" on one hand, and a devoted family man on the other. Mike's dedication to his granddaughter that drove a significant part of Breaking Bad is an important crossover narrative in Better Call Saul.

There were many other crossover moments between the two shows, some the writers hid in there for the hardcore fans such as bingo games in each show coming up with the same number (B-7), Saul's pinky ring, or the reappearance of Mike's favorite diner.

“The biggest overlap between season one of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad was the appearance of Tuco, Gonzo, and No-Doze,” says Peter Gould.

Viewers agree with Gould. The most fun crossover moment was the return of the scariest and most unpredictable psychopath on TV: Tuco Salamanca. To make it even better, Tuco also brought cronies Gonzo and No-Doze with him. Raymond Cruz, who plays Tuco, brings a terrifying energy that only he could. The interesting part of Tuco's return was introducing a new member of his crew, Nacho, who plays an important part in Jimmy's evolution in the first season.

It will be great to watch how these connections evolve in season two and exciting to see the new connections the writers have in store for us. Don't risk the spoilers—tune into AMC February 15th for the season two premiere of Better Call Saul.

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