I’m a writer, strategist, and storyteller who creates smart stories and experiences using a very particular set of content skills; skills I have acquired over one hell of a fun career.

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Don't Let the Glasses Fool You is the blog that Bill Murray said changed the way he looked at the world. OK, so maybe he didn't, but he might if he read it. It's chocked full of laughs, writing tips, and little gems you wouldn't expect. 

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A solid content strategy increases sales and connects your business with your customers. Whether you want to start blogging and need a writing coach, looking for a content strategy for your agency or need some killer copy written to increase the sales of your business, I can help. Just hit the button below and let's chat. 

Humor & Satire

Warning: if you're easily offended, keep reading. 
While pretty much everything I've written in the past couple decades is grounded in humor, I've taken it a step further in the stories and quick reads below. 

Word on the street

“Craig is an exceptional writer/editor/producer. Extremely creative and amazingly talented, I’ve relied on Craig over the years for a multitude of story assignments. When we needed to be innovative to drive audience engagement, Craig always could come up with that ‘unique’ and ‘winning’ story angle."
- Mary Sieler, Managing Editor, MSN

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I did a couple of segments off articles that I had written for the nationally syndicated show, "Better TV." 

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